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57 Chevy Auctions

Welcome to the 57 Chevy Auctions website. If you always dreamed of owning one, you can check on the latest eBay auctions for this beautiful classic car. If you are lucky enough to own a 1957 Chevrolet already, you might be able to find that certain part you need or a special accessory to make your car even more "Car Show" ready.

Nobody--not even Chevrolet--expected to make history when the 1957 Bel Air went on sale, but it became a landmark image in American pop culture; one of the most recognized and admired cars the world has ever known.

What we call the 57 Chevy was actually 19 distinct models. All 19 models were based on a single frame or platform, the basic structure of the car. The best-selling was the Two-Ten four-door sedan with a base price of $2,174.00. The 1957 models were the final year in that frames life.

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